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John William Simmons, Creative Content Producer

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Photography, Photoshop, Motion Graphics, Green Screen

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Shooting, Editing & After Effects


Audio/Music/Sound Design

Simmons has produced library music for over 200 tv shows (see list at bottom).

He also has a large number of royalty free tracks with Pond5.

Click here for a current selection of Pond5 Tracks.

Simmons is an active and founding collaborator with philosopher Simon Critchley  in the  group

"Critchley and Simmons."

The sound of this group is self-described as if "David Bowie & Jacques Derrida had love children who decided to form a band.

The late "Phillip Seymour Hoffman' is a featured vocalist and collaborator on the track "So Happy." 

Critchley and Simmons have produced four studio albums: Humiliation (2004), The Majesty of the Absurd (2014), Ponders End (2017) and Moderate or Good, Occasionally Poor (2017).

Venues for their occasional performances have included; The Sydney Opera House, The Getty Institute, The Palais de Tokyo and the Oakland Book Festival.

Simmons also goes under the musical guise of the NewRetroWave band

"The Sons of Fitzrovia"

And is a founding member of John & Richie

Small selection of track placements . . .

The Amazing Race, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Aftermath With William Shatner, Alien Encounters, America Now, Auction Kings, Beverly Hills Nannies, Blade Brothers, Campus Nightmares, Detroit Steel, Duck Dynasty, Fat N Furious, Fish Mavericks, Golden Sisters, Hole In The Wall, Homicide Hunter, Hotwives Of Orlando, How Booze Built America, I Almost Got Away With It, I Solved A Murder, Let's Make A Deal, Little Couple, My First Home Cues, The Price Is Right, Quick And The Curious, Total Blackout, Welcome To Myrtle Manor, Wives With Knives and a whole host more that he hasn't got a clue about.

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From working with the Grip department on The Matrix to collaborating with best-selling author and philosopher Simon Critchley on “Critchley and Simmons” musical projects, my career to date has been exciting and diverse. My work is creatively-focused, be it graphic (design, motion graphics, branding, photography, web development) or musical (composing or playing) - or a combination of all the above.

John Simmons

Clients include

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Williamstown, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

+61 (0)416 276 273

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